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Level 4 Update

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Hamilton is currently in a three day Level 4 lockdown due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, and therefore the Jersey NZ office is closed and the team are all working from home for the rest of this week.  All work will continue as normal in the expectation that this will be a short lockdown.  If the lockdown period is extended, we will address activities as they arise and keep in regular touch with members via e-mail, the website and social media.
Once again as in previous lockdowns, we acknowledge the wellbeing of our team and their ability to maintain a good work/life balance.  Office hours are therefore reduced to 9am – 4pm during the period of lockdown.

How to contact us
Our preference is that wherever possible you contact us electronically using the e-mail addresses listed on the sidebar of this e-mail.  You can also phone the office on 07 856 0731 and leave a message for the appropriate team member.  These are delivered to us via e-mail as an audio file so we will receive them promptly. The team will be available for calls from 9am – 4pm on business days, and will not respond outside those hours.  Please note that as Michelle works part time her contact hour are reduced to 9.30 am – 2 pm.  Likewise, while you are asked to e-mail us at any time, e-mails will be responded to during advertised hours.

We ask that you respect our home life and privacy and do not text us or use our private Facebook messenger accounts.

For anything urgent, Pam Goodin (General Manager) 027 619 7291 and Robyn Gordon (Member Services Administrator) 020 4061 4346 may be contacted on their mobiles.

Although it has been a while since our last period working from home, we are all quite adaptable and have learnt plenty of lessons from our previous lockdowns.  We all want to get back to our usual way of life and hope that this will be a short lockdown.  Having said that, the health and wellbeing of our team is our first priority.  Out there on farm, continue to look after each other, practice kindness and patience.  It’s the busiest time of the year on farm with most of you mid-calving. You are our nation’s backbone, and we will continue to support you in your businesses through this period.

Pam Goodin | General Manager

International buyers strong at Autumn Harvest Sale

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The Autumn Harvest sale gave many of New Zealand’s young breeders the opportunity to be involved.

New Zealand is well and truly on the world map for registered cattle and multi-breed appeal after the Autumn Harvest Sale at the Cambridge Raceway on April 22.

Of the 60 lots, the top price was $12,500, with an average across all breeds of $6013. More than 400 people attended the evening event.

Notably 10% of the sale sold to international buyers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Sale organiser Dean Malcolm, of Bluechip Marketing, said the result [and the wash-up] proved they had the mix right.

“We had a huge crowd and a lot of buzz, which was extremely positive for the industry,” Dean said. “We had international enquiry before the sale, and to get six sold that way proves to me we had the product people wanted.”


Top price $12,500


He said the top price of $12,500 for the Ayrshire which sold at Lot 1, Kiteroa Cream Burdette, gave the sale a strong start. She was bought by Peter, Heather, and Jamie Baxter, from Tirau.

“With that top price and the final average made it a solid sale from start to finish for me.” Dean said. “There was still good buying for people as well.

“I think we broke down the breed barriers a lot for New Zealand in this sale. There was a lot of multi-breed bidding, a lot of young people bidding, and there was also a lot of online interest.

“We had about 150 bids that came through the two online selling platforms, in addition to our livestream video.”

The top Holstein price was paid for lot 6, Pincots Doorman Angel-Imp-ET-EXC. She sold for $11,000 to well-known Jersey breeders, Ferdon Genetics, from Otorohanga.


International buyers add hype


Frank and Diane Borba, from the United States, paid the second top price overall and the top price in the Jersey offering [$12,000] for Lot 4 – Fynreath Joel Dutchess-Imp-ET, in partnership with Bluechip Marketing. She will continue to be housed with her breeders at Fynreath Genetics.

“Frank and Diane are one of the biggest names in the world for registered cattle, and they are one of the most exciting buyers you can get,” Dean said.

The sole Milking Shorthorn to sell, Westell Supreme Abbie, sold for $4500 to Julie and Brian Pirie, from Thames.

The top Brown Swiss lot was lot 35, Topline Cadence Siena, offered by Topline Genetics. She was bought by Susie Woodward, of Woodward Farms, Otorohanga.

The top-priced embryo package, which was offered by Australian Declan Patten, included five Peak Jagger embryos from Murribrook Doorman Candace EX93. They sold for $1900 per embryo [$9500] to Bellbrook Farming’s Robbie Wakelin, in Canterbury.

The balance of the international buyers included Paul and Vicki Timbs, from NSW. They bought Ayrshire Glenalla Kingsire Delilah at Lot 3 for $6000. Delilah will continue to reside at her breeders, Glenalla and Snowfed Farms, at Ashburton, in Canterbury. The Jaspers Brush couple also bought Lot 25, an Ayrshire embryo package, which was offered by fellow Australian Munden Farms.

Lot 13, Arran Vitali Gracie, was bought for $5000 by UK Syndicate “The 3 Amigos”, which includes Alan Timbrell, Blaise Tomlinson and Lisa Window-Walker. Another UK buyer, Simon Gaskin, bought lot 53, Ferdon Chrom Brighteyes for $5250. She will be managed by Ferdon Genetics on behalf of her buyer.

A UK buyer bought Lot 30 – which included five embryos offered by a New Zealand couple who are now living in the UK – Brent and Ann Crothers, of Toi Toi Genetics. The embryo package – sired by sexed Sidekick from Knowlesmere Crush Diamond – sold to Robert Cowgill, of Lancashire.

An Australian buyer, Brett Hayter, was the last man standing on Lot 36, which was a package of five Brown Swiss embryos offered by arguably Australia’s most successful Swiss breeder, Tandara Farms. The OMalley embryos from Tandara Etvie Heidi sold for $1600 per embryo [$8000].


Finish on a high


Dean said it was pleasing to see the final live lot Tahora Pharo Lorraine, make $8500 for her sellers, Tahora Farms, from Tai Tapu, Canterbury.

“Duncan [Pipe, fellow sale organiser] and I put a fair bit of thought into the structure of the sale and what comprised the top 10 lots, what was mid-range, and what lots were going to finish,” Dean said.

“It was great to end on a great price, because that was a bit of the plan all the way through. It made sense to finish with Tahora because they have such a great name, and an extremely loyal following. So, we knew people would support that last lot, and that’s what happened.

“All our sale crew did a really nice job, and I was proud of the animals when they hit the ring. It helped that the vendors had done a nice job on-farm, and hopefully we finished it off for them.

“Everyone has been asking if we’d do one next year. But, my feeling at the moment is that this sort of sale is a biannual thing, if you want to sustain it long-term. We can’t thank everyone enough for their interest and support.”


Averages by breed:

Holstein: $6338

Jersey: $5571

Ayrshire: $6062

Brown Swiss: $4312

Milking Shorthorn: $4500

Annual Conference Sale Results 2021

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The NZ Milking Shorthorn Association held it’s Annual Conference on the 12-14 April.

As part of the conference, Link Livestock hosted the Milking Shorthorn sale which saw some great prices across the board.


  • R2’s – $2,273.53
  • R1’s – $1,405.56
  • Males – $1,000.00

Top Seller :  Lot 10  ~  KYRH-19-190  ~  Brecon Po Mystique P. Sold for $4,550.00. Congratulations Red Cow Farms Ltd, M & J McDonald.

NZ Dairy Event 2021

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HELD: 27th – 28th January, Manfeild – Feilding


Combined Breeds Dry Stock Section

Class Place Animal Owner
Junior Heifer Calf 1st Westell Supreme Abbie Westell Properties
Junior Heifer Calf 2nd Oliver Woods O Erina Oliver Woods
Junior Heifer Calf 3rd Northbrook Highway Northbrook Enterprises Limited
Senior Heifer Calf 1st Westell Supreme Nikki Molly Fletcher
Senior Heifer Calf 3rd Northbrook White Mello Northbrook Enterprises Limited
Junior Yearling Heifer 2nd Waiwera Elliot S1S Four Ways Farm LTD
Junior Yearling Heifer 3rd Waiwera Oliver Trixie Four Ways Farm LTD
Senior Yearling Heifer 1st Westell Jedi Saddie S1S Ella Pirie

Combined Breeds Intermediate In-Milk Section

Class Place Animal Owner
2 Year Old In-Milk 3rd Northbrook CR Tinsel Northbrook Enterprises Limited
3 Year Old In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Intermediate In-Milk Combine Breeds Reserve Champion

Northbrook Open – Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Combined Breeds Senior In-Milk Section

Class Place Animal Owner
4 Year Old In-Milk 1st Bekay Plato Marley-ET Northbrook Enterprises LTD
4 Year Old In-Milk 2nd Oliver Woods Pett Oliver Woods
4 Year Old In-Milk 3rd Oliver Woods Effie Oliver Woods
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 1st Westell Carbo Sami S0S Westell Properties
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Whirlwind Northbrook Enterprises Limited
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 3rd Kowhai Lucy Kowhai
7 Years Old & Over In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Way Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Combined Breeds Best Uddered Senior Cow, Combined Breeds Senior In-Milk Champion, and Combined Breeds Supreme Champion:

Westell Carbo Sami SOS – Westell Properties

Enjoying the new Milking Shorthorns

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Josh and Kareena Sneddon from Tahau Jerseys 50/50 sharemilk 295 cows in Tokoroa. Josh brought an incalf shorthorn heifer from Norm and Del Atkinson at the Edenmore annual sale in 2018 for his daughter Olivia, because she wanted “the pink cow” from the catalogue. They have gone so well that they were repeat buyers in 2020 where they obtained another 3. Currently they have 7 milking shorthorns in the herd.

Josh was so impressed with how they’ve gone he plans to mate all his Ayrshires and cross breeds to polled Milking Shorthorn bulls. His main objective for future breeding is to breed polled, moderate sized cows with good components and efficiency. “I like their hardiness and so far fertility. They also have very nice natures in both the paddock and shed. Plus they also add some colour to a brown paddock”.

While the Shorthorns might look good in the paddock, Josh’s are delivering the goods too when it comes to putting milk in the vat. “My Carbo daughter is doing 2kgs on all grass and has done over 300kgs for season to date”.

Josh and Kareena have taken up the free associate membership offer.  They both enjoyed the annual magazine. They said “it was a really good magazine, a lot better than what other breeds magazines have become. It was full of a lot of interesting information”.

A few things Josh has to say about his two years olds by RBG bulls this year, in particular when it came to milking them for the first time “the Durango heifer didn’t even flinch, she is so placid. Tanas are awesome as well. They are tall, good natured animals with good udders. I’m very, very impressed by the Durango and Tanas. I will be mating a lot to them next season”.

Looking forward, Josh and Kareena are excited to milk their own heifers they have bred themselves and seeing what they can achieve with their breeding goals. Plus they tell me the kids enjoy seeing the “short hornicorns” in the paddock.

North Island Championship – Waikato A&P Show

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1st place HEIFER IN MILK, 2 years old

Ella Pirie, Northbrook C Margo

1st place COW IN MILK, 3 years old

Westell Properties, Westell Angelo Freya S1S

1st place COW IN MILK, 4 years old
Ella Pirie, Westell Pingerly Fleur S1S

1st place COW IN MILK, 7 years and over
Tauhei Farms Ltd, Kaiheree Ping Gwen

1st place COW IN MILK, 5 & 6 years old

Westell Properties, Westell Carbo Sami S0S


Westell Properties, Westell Carbo Sami S0S

Ella Pirie, Laurendale Jazz Oakley

Westell Properties, Westell Supreme Nikki SOS


Ella Pirie, Westell Jedi Saddie S1S

Stratford Royal Show 2020 Results

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On the 28th and 29th of November 2020, the Stratford A&P show hosted the Royal Event.

The Milking Shorthorn section held over 35 entries across 10 classes, Judged by Ryan Lett.

Junior Champion

Westell Jedi Saddie S1S – Ella Pirie (Pictured Below)

Reserve Junior Champion:

Westell Supreme Nikki – M Fletcher

Intermediate Champion

Brecon Rachael S1S – BJ & MT McDonald (Pictured Below)

Reserve Intermediate Champion:

Northbrook Open – Northbrook Enterprises

Senior Champion & Royal Event Supreme Milking Shorthorn Champion Cow

Westell Carbo Sami – Westell Properties (Pictured Below)

Reserve Senior Champion:

Oliver Woods P Pett SOS – R & J Soffe

Milking Shorthorn Section

Class Place Animal Owner
Heifer - 2 year old In Milk 1st Northbrook Cr Tinsel Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer - 2 year old In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods J Bell R & J Soffe
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 1st Brecon Rachael S1S BJ & MT McDonald
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 2nd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 3rd Oliver Woods BPB Erin R & J Soffe
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 1st Westell Carbo Sami Westell Properties
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods P Pett SOS R & J Soffe
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 3rd Westell Pingerly Fleur Ella Pirie
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 1st Northbrook Whirlwind Northbrook Enterprises
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods BA Butta SOS R & J Soffe
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 3rd Arran Pring Beaujolais SOS Selwyn Donald
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 1st Westell Carbo Sami Westell Properties
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 2nd Oliver Woods P Pett SOS R & J Soffe
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 3rd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Senior Yearling 1st Westell Jedi saddie S1S Ella Pirie
Heifer Senior Yearling 2nd Oliver Woods VF Buta R & J Soffe
Heifer Junior Yearling 1st Oliver Woods K Car R & J Soffe
Heifer Junior Yearling 2nd Oliver Woods S Sandi-P SOS J & A Oakes
Heifer Senior Calf 1st Westell Supreme Nikki M Fletcher
Heifer Senior Calf 2nd Northbrook Iron Wave Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Senior Calf 3rd Waiwera Jedi Buttercup Four Ways Farm Ltd
Heifer Junior Calf 1st Northbrook Amble Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Junior Calf 2nd Snowline Freddy Zoe BJ & MT McDonald
Heifer Junior Calf 3rd Waiwera Noah Hermoine Four Ways Farm Ltd
Bull Calf 1st Northbrook Foster Northbrook Enterprises
Bull Calf 2nd Oliver Woods Carlos R & J Soffe

Photos From The Show

South Island Championship – South Otago A&P 2020

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Senior Champion: Burness EMP Phil  (12 yrs old Cow) Logan & Nicky Kelly (Photograph above) Phil, was also the All breeds Champion & Ravensdown Supreme Animal of the Show.

Reserve Champion: Burness EMP Maid  (Cow is on right in photo, with Stewart Kelly on halter, logan 1st cousin)

Logan & Phil leading the Grand Parade

All Breeds Judges Kate Cummings & Ray Dickie Judging with Logan & Phil in the background

Reserve Junior Champion: Lowburn Supreme Bear  (Simmons Family) Jack Simmons on halter

Junior Champion: Lowburn Supreme Sprinkles (Simmons Family) Kimberly Simmons on halter

(Photograph of Junior Champ)

The Shorthorn Calf Class had 9 Entries.