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Central Districts field day

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The Central District branch invite all national Milking Shorthorn breeders and any interested Ayrshire breeders to their upcoming field day.

WHEN: 3 December 2020
WHERE: 582 Bridge road, Pahiatua (Waiwera,  Alan & Sue Moore, Steven &  Carla Marsden’s farm)

Come and see what is a great producing herd of Shorthorns
RSVP: Please let me know if can make it for catering – Mike  0273816099

PHOTO: Left to right is Lachie Treder, Lachie and Grace Coppell, Olivia Marsden (all 3 are Alan & Sue Grand kids)

Waikato Branch Field Day

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The Waikato Milking Shorthorn Branch invite you to their spring fielday and prize giving.

WHEN: Saturday 21st November at 11am

HELD AT: Dibbles “Kaihere” Milking Shorthorn herd at 316 Eastport Road, Elstow. Supply# 76354 (Near Te Aroha)

Pleae Note: Main home now occupied by Farm Manager Brendon, his fiancee Tracey and Family

Meet at the dairy farm, after looking at the herd, we will move to 94 Ngutumanga Road, Waihou (Jim’s house) for a shared lunch, please bring a plate. After lunch we will inspect the young stock.

The dibble family will be celebrating 100 years of the “Kaihere” stud started in the 1920 by RR Dibble.


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The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the New Zealand Milking Shorthorn Assn (Inc) will now be held as follows:

Date – Friday 31 July 2020
Location – Willow Park Tavern, 820 Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North

Members can arrive from 12pm and purchase a pub lunch before the meeting commences at 1.15 pm.  This meeting replaces the AGM that was originally scheduled for March 2020 and was postponed due to the Covid-19 global pandemic lockdown.  The agenda will remain the same as that contained in the Annual Report that was issued in early March.  A copy of this is attached, hard copies can be posted on request to the office and will be available at the meeting.

It would be helpful for meeting arrangements if you would notify the office by Wednesday 29 July if you are going to attend so that voting cards can be prepared.

This is an Annual General Meeting only to complete the constitutional requirements for the Association for the 2019 financial year.  There will be no Conference component.  Please feel free to contact Pam Goodin if you have any questions

Photo Competition Results

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For the first time ever, the NZ Milking Shorthorn Association held it’s annual Photo Competition online. Traditionally this competition is held at our annual conference, where members bring along photos and compete against each other.

Due to covid, the Association and our members adapted to the new method in the span of a month, by submitting photos to the office digitally.

Congratulations to all members who entered the Photo Competition. All entries are of high quality and really show how proud we all are of our Milking Shorthorns.

Judge: Ross Morton

“Thanks to the exhibitors and organizors. Enjoyed judging this competition.” Ross.

Below are the Results for the 2020 Photo Competition


1st Place – Arran Pring Beaujolais S0S – S Donald
2nd Place – Bekay Gilham Angel – Westell Properties
3rd Place – Lowburn Blitz Rose S0S – SJ & TS Simmons

(Photos in order, 1st – 3rd)


1st Place – Burness Emp Maid – Burness Milking Shorthorns
2nd Place – Grosvenor Arnie Flora S1S – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Lowburn Jedi Rose-Ann S1S – SJ & TS Simmons
2nd Place – Tiakitahuna 16-52 S1S – R & Z Tocker
3rd Place – Lowburn Carbo Ritared S1S – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Larendale Carbo Freya S1S – E Pirie
2nd Place – Lowburn Jedi Rose S1S – SJ & TS Simmons
3rd Place – Westell Butter Shelly S1S – Westell Properties


1st Place – Burness Rose Quartz – Burness Milking Shorthorns
2nd Place – Burness Phillis – Burness Milking Shorthorns
3rd Place – Lowburn Jedi Rosa – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Westell Carbo Arlo S1S – Westell Properties
2nd Place – Lowburn Jedi Ros-Buddy – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – BYXH-17-155 – R & Z Tocker
2nd Place – BYXH-18-160 – R & Z Tocker
3rd Place – Westell Butter Samson S1S – Westell Properties


1st Place – T & A Tocker
2nd Place – L Shannon
3rd Place – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Westell Jedi Saddie S1S – E Pirie
2nd Place – L Simmons
3rd Place – Northbrook C Margo S1S – E Pirie


NZMSA Photo Competition

Photo Competition 2020

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    • The competition to consist of the following classes:
      • (A)   Mature Cow, 4 years and over
      • (B)   Cow, 3 years old
      • (C)   Heifer, 2 years old
      • (D)   Heifer, 1 year old
      • (E)   Heifer Calf
      • (F)   Bull, one year or under
      • (G)   Bull, two years and over
      • (H)   Herd Scene
      • (I)   Special Class, for photographs depicting a Milking Shorthorn activity or personality (Novelty, fun or social)
    • The judge to be appointed by the organisers and may be a judge of any breed.
    • Animals in individual photographs to be registered or eligible for registration.
    • Photographs which have won first or second prize in a previous competition are ineligible for from further competition. A photograph of the same animal can be resubmitted if in a different photograph. Present season photographs are preferred.
    • The quality of the animal is to be judged as well as the whole photograph being taken into consideration.
    • Photographs submitted can be used for promotion by NZMSA.
    • Photographs are to be submitted electronically to or posted to NZ Milking Shorthorn Assn, 595 Ruakura Rd, R D 6 Hamilton 3296. All entries must be accompanied by the entry form.

Northbrook – Tender Sale 2020

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Pure and Blended Milking Shorthorn Sale

In conjunction with the PGG Wrightson

To be held via tender process:
David and Johanna Wood – “Northbrook”
806 Reid Line East, RD 11, Palmerston North 4481 (Dairy No. 44643)
Ph: (06) 329 2648
Cell: 0272 744 279


Offering 50 Head
50 Rising 2 Year old In-Calf Heifers
Heifers have been split into two (2) lines of twenty five (25) each
• Line A – 25 heifers to be offered via tender on individuals or on 1st pick of a number of animals.
• Line B – 25 heifers at $1750 each (for the line) with the ability to reject 3 heifers. If you wish to purchase Line B, please contact a PGG agent directly.

All cattle are E.B.L. Free – T.B status C10 Accreditation – Inoculated against Leptospirosis

Purchasers wishing to inspect stock prior to sale are welcome to do so, provided the Level 4 Alert is lifted and we move to an Alert Level that allows this. Please ring David on 0272 744 279 to arrange a time.

NZ Milking Shorthorn Sale

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Covid 19 Cancelled the Conference but not the Sale!

With the utilization of modern technology in the form of the Bidr On Line Auction Platform, Link Livestock Limited was able to hold the NZ Milking Shorthorn AGM Sale in spite of Covid 19 ,on Thursday 26th March at 8pm with a busy bench of registered buyers and watchers. A simple press on the mouse replaced a nod of the head or a wave of the catalogue resulting in a good clearance of the offering.

The audience was presented with a 3GP, photo/video and footnote of each animal as well as some herd information. A dummy lot was offered first to get buyers familiar with the process, then the real auction began of a well presented offering.

17 of the 20 incalf heifers sold at an average price of $1649-00, 1 pick of the herd $2500, 3 yearling heifers averaged $1183, 1 R2 Bull $2150 and 2 R1 Bulls at $550.

This is a relatively new sales concept particularly for stud dairy cattle but one which we believe will play an important part in future stock transactions. This is also an additional option to promote the Milking Shorthorn Breed to dairy farmers.

Link Livestock Ltd appreciates the opportunity given to us. Paddock or Auction we are here to help.

Ross Riddell – Link Livestock – 027 211 1112


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Effective immediately, the Jersey NZ team will all be working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic until further notice. As we are situated within the LIC Campus, we must abide with their decision to restrict access to essential personnel only. This means that the way we work is going to change quite dramatically. The important message for members is that for the most part our activities will be business as usual, but we ask that you bear with us as we adapt to our new reality over the next few weeks.

Otago/Southland Branch on Farm Competition

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Judged on the 17th January 2019
Judge: Mark McDonald

Class 1             In milk 2-year-old
5th – Hughes Farms – Northbrook Mack
4th – L & N Kelly – Brecon Maurice Minor
3rd – D & P Murphy – Treeton Pingerley                                                                    2nd – L & N Kelly – Pinedale Oliver
1st – S & T Simmons – Roslyn Arnie

Class 2             In milk 3-year-old
4th Equal – L & N Kelly – Oliver Woods Carbo
4th Equal – S & T Simmons – Oliver Woods Carbo
3rd – L & N Kelly – L. Jinnys Empire
2nd – D & P Murphy – Sorby
1st – L & N Kelly – Brecon Egmont

Class 3             In milk 4 and 5-year-old
5th – D & P Murphy – Clarefield Mocha
4th – D & p Murphy – St. Hallebo
3rd – S & T Simmons – Blackwood Park Blitz
2nd – N Muller – Bekay Angelo Blitz                                       
1st – N Muller – Brecon Jamiriquoi

Class 4             In milk 6 – 9-year-old
5th – L & N Kelly – L. Jinnys Empire 
4th – Hughes Farms
3rd – L & N Kelly – Treeton Pingerley
2nd – D & P Murphy – Treeton Pingerley
1st – L & N Kelly – Burness Wai Felicity

Class 5             In milk 10-year-old and over
2nd – L & N Kelly – Pinedale Oliver
1st – L & N Kelly – K. Lens

Best Udder
N Muller – Brecon Jamiriquoi

Champion Cow
L & N Kelly – Burness Wai Felicity

Reserve Champion
N Muller – Brecon Jamiriquoi

Honourable Mention
L & N Kelly – Brecon Egmont

Class 6             Yearling Heifer
3rd – N Muller – Bekay Blitz Angelo
2nd – N Muller – Bekay Blitz Angelo
1st – S & T Simmons – Glencliffe Jedi

Class 7             Heifer Calf
5th – S & T Simmons – Glencliffe Jedi
4th – L & N Kelly – Brecon Encore
3rd – S & T Simmons – Northbrook Plato
2nd – N Muller – Brecon Antonio
1st – S & T Simmons – Glencliffe Jedi

Junior Champion
S & T Simmons – Glencliffe Jedi

Reserve Junior Champion
S & T Simmons – Glencliffe Jedi

Supreme Champion 
L & N Kelly – Burness Wai Felicity

Supreme Champion – Burness Wai Felicity
Reserve Champion & Best Udder – Brecon Jamiriquoi
Reserve Champion & Best Udder – Brecon Jamiriquoi
Honourable Mention – Brecon Egmont