Shorthorn World Conference 2022

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Shorthorn World Conference 2022

Come & Join The Celebration

Details and Registration can be downloaded below:

Shorthorn Congress 2022 – DAY Registration Form

Youth Programme outline of Proposed Itinerary Mar 22

World Shorthorn Congress 2022 – YOUTH BF 30.04.22

World Shorthorn Congress 2022 – Registration Form 15.04.22

Proposed Itinerary March 22 Word Version



Following a recent meeting of the World Shorthorn Conference Organising Committee,  I am contacting you with the following updates below:-


The organising committee for the World Conference have been working tirelessly on the attached itinerary to make the Bi-Centenary year an extra special celebration for the Shorthorn breed, the registration/booking deadline extension has been agreed to encourage anyone who is tentatively thinking about attending ….. to encourage them to come a join us for this once in a lifetime celebration, it would be great to have them with us to help us celebrate, I am sure a lot of special memories will be made along the way and many new friends.

  • Each week we are seeing COVID restrictions being relaxed all around the world bit by bit.  Since 18th March here in the UK, whether you are vaccinated or not you do not need to take COVID-19 tests before or after you arrive, there is no need to fill in a passenger locator form and there is no need to quarantine when you arrive. It seems many countries are planning to do similar over the coming months.

Therefore, to give everyone a chance to check their own countries COVID restriction policy for the coming months, the organising committee are extending the deadline for booking until just before Easter i.e. 15th April 2022.  It would be very helpful to enable us to plan, if not already done so, if  you can contact us to register your interest, please encourage anyone who are thinking about attending to contact either myself or Carolyne at Field Farm Tours as soon as possible, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns anyone may have.

  • YOUTH PROGRAMME  – Booking Deadline 30th April 2022

The organising committee is excited to host the first World Shorthorn Youth Programme for 2022, initially Shorthorn World Council Members have been invited to to send two Youth Delegates (aged 18-24 years) to spend time on a host farm, prior to participating in the final week of the World Conference. I am very pleased to report that due to the hard work of the organising committee, we have been able to secure enough sponsorship and raise funds via a very successful auction to help reduce the price to £600 per youth delegate (reduced from total cost of £1175 for youth element of the tour).
This price is extremely good, and we hope some participants may be able to get further funding themselves or raise their own sponsorship towards this to help them reduce the cost further.  The delegates will have the chance to work on a Shorthorn Beef or Dairy farm for one to two weeks prior to the conference tour, and then join up with to compete and develop alongside likeminded youth delegates when they join the tour at the Great Yorkshire Show for the final week.
Please see booking form attached, and brief developing youth itinerary. This is a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience for any youth delegate !!  I am pleased to report there has been a lot of interest in the Youth Programme.  We have a limited number of places available, and Shorthorn World Council Members will be given first opportunity to take the places available, but if you know of a young person that would be interested in joining the Youth Programme please get in touch and we will put them on a list to contact once we have numbers confirmed from member associations and we will do everything we can to offer a place numbers and funds allowing.

  • UK DELEGATES BOOKING FORM – Deadline 1st June 2022

To anyone in the UK that would like to attend specific days or attend different parts of the tour, please see the Day Booking Form attached.  Prices for farm visits have been reduced from £25 in 2010, to £10 in 2022.  It is important that we know who will be attending each day, so we can cater and make sure we have adequate facilities available for the correct number of attendees.
So get the dates booked in your diary and book in via Field Farm Tours, their details are on the attached registration/booking form.  Carolyne at Field Farm Tours and myself are here to help with any questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.


We are aiming to have 200 Shorthorn animals for 200 years of the Shorthorn Breed at the Great Yorkshire Show. The Tuesday will be the celebration day of the breed with a celebration parade in the Show rings, awards, and special presentations. Wednesday evening there will be a celebration dinner held in the pavilions and on Thursday the National Show of Dairy Shorthorns will take place.


All our speakers are booked to provide a very up to date and informative day, the current outline of the day is as follows – starting with looking at the perspective of the consumer via a retailer; tools and future technology available to supply results to meet consumer needs; practicalities and how to put the tools into practice; finally, looking at the next 20 years.  Further information will be forwarded to you in due course.

NZ Dairy Event 2021

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HELD: 27th – 28th January, Manfeild – Feilding


Combined Breeds Dry Stock Section

Class Place Animal Owner
Junior Heifer Calf 1st Westell Supreme Abbie Westell Properties
Junior Heifer Calf 2nd Oliver Woods O Erina Oliver Woods
Junior Heifer Calf 3rd Northbrook Highway Northbrook Enterprises Limited
Senior Heifer Calf 1st Westell Supreme Nikki Molly Fletcher
Senior Heifer Calf 3rd Northbrook White Mello Northbrook Enterprises Limited
Junior Yearling Heifer 2nd Waiwera Elliot S1S Four Ways Farm LTD
Junior Yearling Heifer 3rd Waiwera Oliver Trixie Four Ways Farm LTD
Senior Yearling Heifer 1st Westell Jedi Saddie S1S Ella Pirie

Combined Breeds Intermediate In-Milk Section

Class Place Animal Owner
2 Year Old In-Milk 3rd Northbrook CR Tinsel Northbrook Enterprises Limited
3 Year Old In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Intermediate In-Milk Combine Breeds Reserve Champion

Northbrook Open – Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Combined Breeds Senior In-Milk Section

Class Place Animal Owner
4 Year Old In-Milk 1st Bekay Plato Marley-ET Northbrook Enterprises LTD
4 Year Old In-Milk 2nd Oliver Woods Pett Oliver Woods
4 Year Old In-Milk 3rd Oliver Woods Effie Oliver Woods
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 1st Westell Carbo Sami S0S Westell Properties
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Whirlwind Northbrook Enterprises Limited
5 & 6 Years Old In-Milk 3rd Kowhai Lucy Kowhai
7 Years Old & Over In-Milk 2nd Northbrook Way Northbrook Enterprises Limited

Combined Breeds Best Uddered Senior Cow, Combined Breeds Senior In-Milk Champion, and Combined Breeds Supreme Champion:

Westell Carbo Sami SOS – Westell Properties

Enjoying the new Milking Shorthorns

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Josh and Kareena Sneddon from Tahau Jerseys 50/50 sharemilk 295 cows in Tokoroa. Josh brought an incalf shorthorn heifer from Norm and Del Atkinson at the Edenmore annual sale in 2018 for his daughter Olivia, because she wanted “the pink cow” from the catalogue. They have gone so well that they were repeat buyers in 2020 where they obtained another 3. Currently they have 7 milking shorthorns in the herd.

Josh was so impressed with how they’ve gone he plans to mate all his Ayrshires and cross breeds to polled Milking Shorthorn bulls. His main objective for future breeding is to breed polled, moderate sized cows with good components and efficiency. “I like their hardiness and so far fertility. They also have very nice natures in both the paddock and shed. Plus they also add some colour to a brown paddock”.

While the Shorthorns might look good in the paddock, Josh’s are delivering the goods too when it comes to putting milk in the vat. “My Carbo daughter is doing 2kgs on all grass and has done over 300kgs for season to date”.

Josh and Kareena have taken up the free associate membership offer.  They both enjoyed the annual magazine. They said “it was a really good magazine, a lot better than what other breeds magazines have become. It was full of a lot of interesting information”.

A few things Josh has to say about his two years olds by RBG bulls this year, in particular when it came to milking them for the first time “the Durango heifer didn’t even flinch, she is so placid. Tanas are awesome as well. They are tall, good natured animals with good udders. I’m very, very impressed by the Durango and Tanas. I will be mating a lot to them next season”.

Looking forward, Josh and Kareena are excited to milk their own heifers they have bred themselves and seeing what they can achieve with their breeding goals. Plus they tell me the kids enjoy seeing the “short hornicorns” in the paddock.

Stratford Royal Show 2020 Results

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On the 28th and 29th of November 2020, the Stratford A&P show hosted the Royal Event.

The Milking Shorthorn section held over 35 entries across 10 classes, Judged by Ryan Lett.

Junior Champion

Westell Jedi Saddie S1S – Ella Pirie (Pictured Below)

Reserve Junior Champion:

Westell Supreme Nikki – M Fletcher

Intermediate Champion

Brecon Rachael S1S – BJ & MT McDonald (Pictured Below)

Reserve Intermediate Champion:

Northbrook Open – Northbrook Enterprises

Senior Champion & Royal Event Supreme Milking Shorthorn Champion Cow

Westell Carbo Sami – Westell Properties (Pictured Below)

Reserve Senior Champion:

Oliver Woods P Pett SOS – R & J Soffe

Milking Shorthorn Section

Class Place Animal Owner
Heifer - 2 year old In Milk 1st Northbrook Cr Tinsel Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer - 2 year old In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods J Bell R & J Soffe
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 1st Brecon Rachael S1S BJ & MT McDonald
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 2nd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer - 3 year old In Milk 3rd Oliver Woods BPB Erin R & J Soffe
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 1st Westell Carbo Sami Westell Properties
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods P Pett SOS R & J Soffe
Cow - 4 & 5 year old In Milk 3rd Westell Pingerly Fleur Ella Pirie
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 1st Northbrook Whirlwind Northbrook Enterprises
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 2nd Oliver Woods BA Butta SOS R & J Soffe
Cow - 6 year old and over In Milk 3rd Arran Pring Beaujolais SOS Selwyn Donald
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 1st Westell Carbo Sami Westell Properties
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 2nd Oliver Woods P Pett SOS R & J Soffe
Cow or Heifer In Milk with Best Udder 3rd Northbrook Open Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Senior Yearling 1st Westell Jedi saddie S1S Ella Pirie
Heifer Senior Yearling 2nd Oliver Woods VF Buta R & J Soffe
Heifer Junior Yearling 1st Oliver Woods K Car R & J Soffe
Heifer Junior Yearling 2nd Oliver Woods S Sandi-P SOS J & A Oakes
Heifer Senior Calf 1st Westell Supreme Nikki M Fletcher
Heifer Senior Calf 2nd Northbrook Iron Wave Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Senior Calf 3rd Waiwera Jedi Buttercup Four Ways Farm Ltd
Heifer Junior Calf 1st Northbrook Amble Northbrook Enterprises
Heifer Junior Calf 2nd Snowline Freddy Zoe BJ & MT McDonald
Heifer Junior Calf 3rd Waiwera Noah Hermoine Four Ways Farm Ltd
Bull Calf 1st Northbrook Foster Northbrook Enterprises
Bull Calf 2nd Oliver Woods Carlos R & J Soffe

Photos From The Show

Central Districts field day

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The Central District branch invite all national Milking Shorthorn breeders and any interested Ayrshire breeders to their upcoming field day.

WHEN: 3 December 2020
WHERE: 582 Bridge road, Pahiatua (Waiwera,  Alan & Sue Moore, Steven &  Carla Marsden’s farm)

Come and see what is a great producing herd of Shorthorns
RSVP: Please let me know if can make it for catering – Mike  0273816099

PHOTO: Left to right is Lachie Treder, Lachie and Grace Coppell, Olivia Marsden (all 3 are Alan & Sue Grand kids)

Photo Competition Results

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For the first time ever, the NZ Milking Shorthorn Association held it’s annual Photo Competition online. Traditionally this competition is held at our annual conference, where members bring along photos and compete against each other.

Due to covid, the Association and our members adapted to the new method in the span of a month, by submitting photos to the office digitally.

Congratulations to all members who entered the Photo Competition. All entries are of high quality and really show how proud we all are of our Milking Shorthorns.

Judge: Ross Morton

“Thanks to the exhibitors and organizors. Enjoyed judging this competition.” Ross.

Below are the Results for the 2020 Photo Competition


1st Place – Arran Pring Beaujolais S0S – S Donald
2nd Place – Bekay Gilham Angel – Westell Properties
3rd Place – Lowburn Blitz Rose S0S – SJ & TS Simmons

(Photos in order, 1st – 3rd)


1st Place – Burness Emp Maid – Burness Milking Shorthorns
2nd Place – Grosvenor Arnie Flora S1S – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Lowburn Jedi Rose-Ann S1S – SJ & TS Simmons
2nd Place – Tiakitahuna 16-52 S1S – R & Z Tocker
3rd Place – Lowburn Carbo Ritared S1S – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Larendale Carbo Freya S1S – E Pirie
2nd Place – Lowburn Jedi Rose S1S – SJ & TS Simmons
3rd Place – Westell Butter Shelly S1S – Westell Properties


1st Place – Burness Rose Quartz – Burness Milking Shorthorns
2nd Place – Burness Phillis – Burness Milking Shorthorns
3rd Place – Lowburn Jedi Rosa – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Westell Carbo Arlo S1S – Westell Properties
2nd Place – Lowburn Jedi Ros-Buddy – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – BYXH-17-155 – R & Z Tocker
2nd Place – BYXH-18-160 – R & Z Tocker
3rd Place – Westell Butter Samson S1S – Westell Properties


1st Place – T & A Tocker
2nd Place – L Shannon
3rd Place – SJ & TS Simmons


1st Place – Westell Jedi Saddie S1S – E Pirie
2nd Place – L Simmons
3rd Place – Northbrook C Margo S1S – E Pirie


NZ Milking Shorthorn Sale

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Covid 19 Cancelled the Conference but not the Sale!

With the utilization of modern technology in the form of the Bidr On Line Auction Platform, Link Livestock Limited was able to hold the NZ Milking Shorthorn AGM Sale in spite of Covid 19 ,on Thursday 26th March at 8pm with a busy bench of registered buyers and watchers. A simple press on the mouse replaced a nod of the head or a wave of the catalogue resulting in a good clearance of the offering.

The audience was presented with a 3GP, photo/video and footnote of each animal as well as some herd information. A dummy lot was offered first to get buyers familiar with the process, then the real auction began of a well presented offering.

17 of the 20 incalf heifers sold at an average price of $1649-00, 1 pick of the herd $2500, 3 yearling heifers averaged $1183, 1 R2 Bull $2150 and 2 R1 Bulls at $550.

This is a relatively new sales concept particularly for stud dairy cattle but one which we believe will play an important part in future stock transactions. This is also an additional option to promote the Milking Shorthorn Breed to dairy farmers.

Link Livestock Ltd appreciates the opportunity given to us. Paddock or Auction we are here to help.

Ross Riddell – Link Livestock – 027 211 1112


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Effective immediately, the Jersey NZ team will all be working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic until further notice. As we are situated within the LIC Campus, we must abide with their decision to restrict access to essential personnel only. This means that the way we work is going to change quite dramatically. The important message for members is that for the most part our activities will be business as usual, but we ask that you bear with us as we adapt to our new reality over the next few weeks.

Milking Shorthorn Farm Signs

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“Look out for the Milking Shorthorn Sign on the Left”
What better way to give out directions to your visitors, friends and family, than with a Milking Shorthorn Farm Sign at your gate.

Introduce everyone to your farm, with your Farm Name and Family name alongside the breed we all love. 
The sign is 841 x 594mm and printed on a durable Aluminium Core. They are built to last!

To order your sign, fill out the form below or get in touch with the office. 

    Single Sided - $178 excl GSTDouble Sided - $210 excl GST