At the end of October each year NZ Milking Shorthorn Assn produces the annual Herd Book, publishing details of all animals registered as pedigrees in the preceding 12 month period to 31 August.

  • PEDIGREE (No suffix) S14 & over, by a registered Milking Shorthorn (Ped or S1S) dam and a registered Milking Shorthorn or Board approved sire.
  •  SUPPLEMENTARY SHORTHORN 1 (S1S) S1-13 by a registered S1S or S0S dam and by a registered Milking Shorthorn or Board approved sire.
  •  SUPPLEMENTARY SHORTHORN 0 (S0S) NZ Dairy Red, all other animals with a minimum S1 or other breed accepted as Dairy Red.
  • Pedigree and S1S animals will be eligible for production awards.
  • S0S (NZ Dairy Red) animals will have seperate production awards.
  • When an animal is sold, the pedigree ownership will automatically be transferred at the same time as the location details via LIC.

Implemented late in 2003 e.Registration is now in use by many members. The completion of one simple form allows members to automatically register animals in a variety of ways.

  • Turn Your Herd On registers all female animals eligible for registration in the herd.
  • Age group application will register all eligible females in a specified age range.
  • Individual registrations.


Registration Application FormRegistration Application FormStanding Order FormStanding Order FormApproved Sire ListApproved Sire ListApply for TOP & ClassificationApply for TOP & Classification

Registration Prices

Full members shall be eligible to apply for registration of cattle.

Fees for registration are:-

Up to 1 year of age          $7.50 excl GST

Over 1 year of age           $12.00 excl GST

Males                              $15 excl GST

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS can register up to 4 animals per annum at normal fees. More than 4 animals- Double Fees.

NON-MEMBERS – Double Fees


    Age Group Application

    Individual Animal Application

    Standing Order Application